'Life Path' Poster  |  The soul never forgets  |  Written and Directed by Areya Simmons  |  2011

What People Are Saying About Life Path!

“Very well written”

“I love the story!!”

“I could not put it down”

“beautifully written”

“I loved the script!!!”

“I feel a strong connection to the characters”

“Very original and very unique and I enjoyed it”

“both female characters are strongly written”

“It’s very unique”

‘Life Path’ is a spiritual film about reincarnation. Fia remembers her previous life.  Almost 30 years after dying at age 8 in a fire, she joins a group called Life Path, whose members all recall at least one prior incarnation.  Together, they help with one another’s past life issues.  The support of fellow member Aleta helps to trigger memories Fia didn’t even know she still had.  Since her father was partially responsible for her death, Fia seeks to find him so that they can both heal.  Meanwhile, Aleta has a story of her own.

Fia and Aleta

Written and Directed by Areya Simmons

Over the years, interest in reincarnation has risen rapidly. To many cultures in the east, reincarnation is nothing new and is accepted without question. It is a topic that is not often addressed in Western films, much less treated with an entire story. This film has a very mysterious and spiritual feel throughout. Although the characters have endured ridicule from people who are skeptical of their experiences, the story does not question the validity of the concept of reincarnation. It proceeds with the assumption that the soul has continuity and is capable of remembering multiple lifetimes. Many stories can be written based on such an assumption, and this is one of them.


Shot in October, 2010. Completed April 1st, 2011.  Filmed entirely in Savannah, Georgia and Skidaway Island.

Theatrical Cut:  12 Minutes

Director’s Cut:  16 Minutes

Filmed with the Canon EOS 7D & 5D – 1080p High Definition Video