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Time to get excited!!!


We have 1 more day before Life Path filming commences!  Everything and everyone has come together so beautifully and I really could not be more grateful for our immensely talented cast and crew!


Thank you all so much!  I cannot wait to work with you!  Once again, welcome aboard!

– Areya Simmons


Welcome to Life Path, new Cast and Crew!

I have recently added a bunch of new names and faces to the website, on the Cast page, as well as Crew.  We have a few more Production Assistants, Motion Graphics and Visual Effects Crew, Cast Members, Extras, and more!  Check out the Cast and Crew pages to see their names!

ALSO, if you are a confirmed Cast or Crew Member and have NOT been receiving Life Path emails and updates from me (, EMAIL me and let me know so I can add you.  Even if you’ve been receiving updates through Facebook, email me your email address because there are things I send directly to you through email that I don’t send through Facebook.  Things have been hectic and I apologize if your contact information didn’t get added to the email list.  I have recently added a bunch of new names and email addresses to the list, so if you haven’t been receiving emails from me, you should now (but email me anyway!).  Don’t worry, I’ll be sending a lot of the same information multiple times to make sure that everyone is on the same page by the time we start filming October 15th.  🙂


One Shooting Date Changed

We had our first crew meeting tonight, which was fantastic! Due to some scheduling conflicts, however, we need to change one of the shooting days. Our October 29th shooting day has now changed to Thursday, October 28th. Don’t worry, SCAD students; the call time is not until 8pm (after most classes are finished) and dinner will be on set.

Since only one scene will be shot that final night, our wrap time should be pretty reasonable. We will make sure that everyone gets home safely.

Some scenes have shifted around in the schedule as well. I will email all of these changes, as well as some other things we discussed at the meeting to all confirmed cast and crew. In the mean time, tell your friends about Life Path because we need extras!!!

Thank you so much to all those who came to the meeting tonight. We are so lucky to have such dedicated artists on this project. Keep close to this site, Facebook, and especially your email accounts. See you soon!

And so it begins!

I look forward to seeing all of you again!  The first cast and crew meeting for Life Path is TONIGHT at Adler Hall, Room 301.  It should last around an hour.  There will be pizza!

If you are not a SCAD student and need to be signed into Adler Hall with the security guard, call me when you get there, and I will sign you in.

Attending the meetings is essential.  They will help ensure that production runs as smoothly as possible, that everyone knows what their roles are, where to meet, when to meet, etc.  This will also give everyone the opportunity to meet each other and network!

See you there!  This is going to be awesome!

Good day Life Path Cast and Crew!

Please take a moment to look over and write down these meeting dates for Life Path.  It is very important for all of you to attend these meetings as they will be the only days/times we will be able to meet and plan out the shoot together (unless the dates change).  I promise they will not be long.  This will give everyone the chance to meet and get familiar with the people you will be working with for the 7-day film shoot, as well as ensure that all the processes of the shoot go as smoothly as possible (and we all want that!).

No one will be left in the dark on this project.  Through these meetings and efficient, transparent communication, everyone will know what to expect every day of the shoot, as well as their individual duties.

And of course…there will be FREE FOOD!!!


Friday, Sept. 17th at 7pm at Adler Hall, Room 301

Friday, Sept. 24th at 7pm at Adler Hall, Room 301

Sunday, Oct. 3rd at 7pm at Adler Hall, Room 301

Friday, Oct. 8th at 7pm at Adler Hall, Room 301

The above meeting times or locations may change subject to availability.  You will be notified by email if anything changes.  All CAST should come to at least 1 Cast & Crew meeting.  All CREW should try to be at every meeting.

THANK YOU!!! This is shaping up to be an incredible filming experience for everyone.  Thank you all for your support and dedication!  I promise there will be an awesome wrap party for all of you once everything is wrapped!  🙂


The ‘Life Path’ cast has been announced!  We are so happy with our chosen cast and very excited to begin filming in October with everyone together.  There’s bound to be a very positive atmosphere on set!

To see the list of the cast and photos, go to the CAST page!

Any contribution you can make to this film is greatly appreciated!  As extra incentive, anyone who donates $25 or more will receive a Funder credit in the film! Anyone who donates $100 or more will receive a Funder credit in the film, and a FREE ticket to see ‘Life Path’ and many other senior films at the SCAD Senior Showcase at the 2011 Savannah Film Festival in October, 2011!

To learn about the film before contributing, go to the About the Film tab.

To DONATE, please go to and click on ‘Donate’ on the right side of the page!



Due to equipment availability issues that have recently come to light, Life Path’s shooting dates have changed by one week.

Here are the updated shooting dates:


We are in the process of letting all interested cast and crew about the change.  If you are on the cast or crew and cannot help on some or all of those days, please let us know at LIFEPATHFILM@GMAIL.COM as soon as possible.  Thank you for your support!!!




Everyone who intends on helping with the film in ANY way needs to be there, especially CONFIRMED CREW! Cast of course is welcome too! This is so that everyone is on the same page and everyone gets a chance to meet each other before we all leave for the summer. We also have some paperwork for everyone. We promise to make it short! I know you are all busy, but please try to make it!

We really appreciate everything you have done for the film thus far! THANK YOU!!!

Best of luck to you all on finals! 🙂 Please let me know if you cannot attend the meeting but are still helping out. Thanks!

I would just like to thank everyone who made the 2010 Senior Open Casting Call such a fantastic success!  It was organized, well-conducted, and positive.  Best of all were the ACTORS!  Thank you to all the actors who came out, waited in line, and auditioned, not just for Life Path, but for all of the films!  You worked hard and you were all wonderful!

It was a great pleasure meeting those of you who auditioned for roles in Life Path!  The response was incredible and we are so glad that people have connected to the story in such a deep, strong, and positive way.

Casting decisions will begin this coming week, so you can expect an email from myself (Areya Simmons) or my producer (Lauren O’Malley) soon!